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Healthcare Overview

Today’s healthcare providers are dynamic, evolving with the times, and reliant on computer technology. They have to be. The industry is in a state of rapid change, and the way healthcare services are accessed, managed, and delivered will continue to evolve over the coming years.

An area where change is clearly evident is the patient record. Regulations have driven the adoption of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, and these systems have advanced the quality, safety, and reliability of patient care by making data more widely available.

Even though EMR systems have proven their value in managing structured data, they are insufficient for aggregating and managing all the information related to an individual patient, including paper documents. This information may include diagnostic and treatment records as well as lab and test results, images, doctor notes, and non-clinical records such as insurance, billing, and other forms and administrative paperwork.

For these requirements—and others such as compliance, security, privacy, archiving, document exchange, access control, sharing, dashboards, and remote access on mobile devices—healthcare providers are looking beyond the EMR to invest in a holistic solution that complements and extends the capabilities of the EMR system. That’s where Digixform can help you make a difference.

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