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Industry Solutions for Media & Entertainment

Over the past 15 years the Media & Entertainment industry business models have been undergoing a hazardous reformation required to thrive in a Networked Age. The move from analog to digital was prelude to a fundamental change in, if not elimination of, long established production practices and distribution models. Workflows, business contracts and systems designed to support hierarchies are facing a new reality where content can be created by anyone, shared with anyone through multifarious channels.

Publishers, broadcaster, movie studios and advertisers all require software to support the emerging innovative business models and production practices that put them out in front.

Digixform INC. help you:

  1. Manage Petabyte sized digital libraries that support tiered storage architectures – for production level file access or deep archive.
  2. Achieve federated search and access to heterogeneous content repositories providing a unified view and reuse of existing digital assets.
  3. License valuable intellectual property to hundreds or thousands of customers while managing the rights and usage of the assets.
  4. Integrate production DAM, workflows and tools with back office accounting and business rights systems.
  5. Realize a complete digital media supply chain from inception of a project through creation, management, distribution and transaction.
  6. Move from multi-channel to an omni-channel distribution model supporting any and all devices in the market while maintaining consistency of message.
  7. Establish a cloud presence that seamlessly integrates with an on premises infrastructure – driving innovation while reducing costs.

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